Old Fashioned Cocktail Case

1050ml / 14 Servings (approx.)

Product image 1Old Fashioned Cocktail Case
Product image 2Old Fashioned Cocktail Case
Product image 3Old Fashioned Cocktail Case

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Simple, strong and smooth – this classic whiskey cocktail is well-deserved of a revival.  Channel your inner Draper with an Old Fashioned, which mixes bourbon, bitters and sugar to create a simply divine drink.  All of the ingredients and equipment needed are included in a leather print cocktail case inspired by mid-century gentlemen’s suitcases.

Signature serve:

In an Old Fashioned glass, add the sugar syrup and bitters. Then pour in the bourbon gradually, stirring with a cube of ice. Add a couple more ice cubes and stir some more. Peel a wide slice of orange peel and twist over drink to release citrus oils. Add peel to drink and stir. Add another ice cube to top up glass and stir again. For extra cocktail kudos trying using an ice sphere in place of ice cubes!

Cocktail case contains:


  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon 70cl
  • Tipplesworth Pure Cane Sugar Syrup 25cl
  • Angostura Bitters 10cl


  • Barspoon
  • Y-shaped Peeler
  • Jigger Measure
  • 2 x Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses

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