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Ginger Mule Cocktail Case (new!)

A retro classic that is deliciously refreshing and filled with zing! This delightful cocktail mixes vodka, ginger beer, bitters and lime. All of the ingredients and equipment are neatly packed in a handmade leather-look cocktail case, which has a vibrant red painted outer and dazzling inner pattern.

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Old Fashioned£189.00
Old Fashioned Cocktail Case

Simple, strong and smooth – this classic whiskey cocktail is well-deserved of a revival.  Channel your inner Draper with an Old Fashioned, which mixes bourbon, bitters and sugar to create a simply divine drink.  All of the ingredients and equipment needed are included in a leather print cocktail case inspired by mid-century gentlemen’s suitcases.

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Bramble Kit Cocktail Case£189.00
Bramble Cocktail Case

A London-born modern classic that is deliciously tart and fruity.  This gin-based cocktail combines sweet blackberry and lemon into a scrumptious drink.  All of the ingredients and equipment needed are included in a dapper tweed cocktail case.  

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