Valentines Day Cocktails!

Love is in the air, a dozen roses, copious amounts of champagne and an endless supply of chocolate, what’s not to love? Whether you have a significant other or are on team singleton here’s a couple of cocktails to help you celebrate!


Bubbles are pretty much a given on Valentines Day, but why not give them a bit of a makeover and turn your humble glass of champagne into a tasty cocktail? This recipe is perfect as it is not too sweet but adds just enough flavour to transform your beverage from boring to brilliant in seconds! Take 20ml of Tipplesworth raspberry liqueur and add to your coupette, simply top with prosecco and garnish with a fresh raspberry and voila! You can pick up our tasty trio of liqueurs here


Now on to the nations first true love, gin! But don’t just pick up any old London Dry Gin, be adventurous and try something new. We went with Slingsby’s delicious Rhubarb rendition, we mixed it with 20mls of lemon juice and 10mls of House of Broughton Rose Syrup, we shook this up with some cubed ice in a jam jar. A word to the wise, shake for longer than you think, rhubarb is quite a punchy, strong flavour and the rose syrup can be a tad sweet so the dilution of ice is key to the perfect drink. Once you’ve finished shimmy-ing and shaking, decant into a collins glass, top with ice and fill with Fentimans Soda Water. We garnished with a rhubarb spiral, which we’re not going to lie, was a wee bit messy so a half moon lemon works just as well!

Bottoms up & happy tippling!

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